This is a list of literary-based events open to the public. Please check web links for bookings and to check if there are any costs involved for each of these events.

If you would like to add an event to this Calendar, please email me with the details.



3:                    AUSTRALIA: Talk by Brian Powyer: Dickens’ Characters and their Australia Links; 

7:                    AUSTRALIA: Charles Dickens’ Birthday Celebrations and Launch of the International Dickens Fellowship Conference Programme;


7 – May 6:       AUSTRALIA: Exhibition of Jeannie Baker’s artwork from her book ‘Circle’;


7:                    AUSTRALIA: Talk by Isabel Deeble; A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens and Public Readings;


25 – June 14: UK; Susannah Fullerton tour; Arise and Go Now; A Literary Tour of Ireland;


2:                    AUSTRALIA: Talk by Walter Mason; Martin Chuzzzlewit and the Lure of America;


4:                    AUSTRALIA: Talk by Matthew Gain and Ilse Scheepers from Audible Australia; Audible Dickens;


6:                    AUSTRALIA: Talk by Jennifer Ide (Senior Tour Guide at Gads Hill Place); Dickens at His ‘Little Kentish Freehold’;

25 – 30:           AUSTRALIA: International Dickens Fellowship Conference; talks and visits celebrating the work, life and time of Charles Dickens. Speakers include Tom Keneally AO, David

Hunt, Susannah Fullerton OAM, FRSN and Jacqui Newling;