150916_ReadMe0057‘My Stylish French Girlfriends’ by Sharon Santoni (Gibbs Smith) What a great idea for a book! Santoni dedicates each chapter to one of her stylish French friends – interviews them, has them photographed and she tells us why they are so interesting and so dear to her. Wonderful! I loved it. Really loved it. It was fun to read that, after the interviews, when the twenty stylish French women met, some of them coincidentally knew each other or owned artworks, dresses, champagne that the others had created. There is Evelyne the champagne maker who produces a beautiful Christmas bottle of champagne and asks a different well-known artist or designer to create the label each year, Marie who is a wire artist, ceramist artist Sophie who buys her cheese from a shepherd who plays classical music to his herd of goats!, event designer Stéphanie, wedding dress designer Celestina and other women who have created lovely homes, creative spaces and lifestyles. This was a beautiful book to read and to savor the beautiful, beautiful photos. How fabulous! Enjoy. To buy a copy click here

Read my interview with Sharon Santoni here.

Visit Sharon Santoni’s website here. Sharon Santoni’s Instagram account is @sharonsantoni.

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