10494629_10154441922400343_35586259447016612_nNoodle Road_hi-res coverHere is my interview with Alissa Dinallo.

What was your brief for the design of this book? The publisher was after an illustrated cover that suggested the Oriental travel themes without being to much like a ‘travel’ book. They wanted the cover to be slightly whimsical and playful.

What research did you do to create this design? I did a lot of typographic research. Initially I wanted the title to be made out of Noodles. After rounds of roughs the publisher rejected this concepts to go with something more traditional, and the experimental type I had been researching and playing around with was never used. I also had a look at book covers that existed that used oriental elements in their illustrations.

Which mediums do you choose to work in? I use multiple mediums to achieve my final outcome. When illustrating, I’ll almost always draw the elements by hand (with a lead pencil, ink or a black pen). Once I’m happy with the drawings I’ll scan them in and manipulate them in photoshop – add colour, fix wonky lines, etc.

What was the best thing about designing this book? The process was great. The experimental typography and the illustrating was lots of fun. There were some great concepts and covers that came about with this brief. A couple of the ones that weren’t used I have printed and stuck on my studio wall.

What new opportunities has winning the 2015 Australian Book Design Association Award for Young Designer of the Year given you? The award gave me a lot more exposure and introduced me to a lot more people in the publishing industry, which has been great. It has also given me opportunities to speak at various industry events, most recently for the Bechance network as well as become a judge for this years book design awards.

What would you like to do more of? I’m really intrigued by the digital scope of publishing. I’d like to work more closely in transforming print books into interesting digital works.

When you go into a bookshop, which department do you head straight to? Always the new releases. I want to see the fresh new covers. Or see something that I may have seen online in the flesh. After I’ve had a good look here I’ll wander over to the literary fiction. I always love checking out the covers in this section, they’re always very beautiful.

Do you collect anything? No, I hate clutter. I do have a lot of books though. So maybe you could say I collect books.

What is something that most people might be surprised to know about you? I almost chose to do floristry at Tafe instead of visual communications at university.

What are you working on next? All my current projects are books (surprise, surprise) including a cookbook, a biography, a crime novel, a kids picture book, a book about terrariums, a number of women’s fiction titles, a cultural guide to Perth and the 2016 ABDA awards catalogue.

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