Daphne Selfe & Friends - hands up150916_ReadMe0213This is my interview with Daphne Selfe. Portrait photo of Daphne Selfe by Rosie Collins.

What was the best thing about writing this book? The best thing about writing this book was working with my daughter Claire and having all the book launches and signings which meant meeting old friends and relations and making new friends and travelling all over the place.

What were some of the most important moments when writing this book? Researching the family tree and history and writing for my grandchildren.

Looking back, which experiences, jobs and personality traits do you think have really helped you? I am blessed with a positive and curious attitude and the early discipline of working with horses, a dance training and modelling school have all contributed.

Is there a company or designer in particular that you would love to model for? I would love to model for Alice Temperley as her dresses really appeal to me – I wore a beautiful white ethereal shirtwaister the other day for a shoot which was wonderful.

Which clothes do you love wearing? I love wearing something I have made myself because it is unique and I will not see another!

If you could have a piece of clothing made, what would it be and who would you chose to design and make it? If I had something made I would like it made by Etro which are sort of ethnic, or Chanel for a classic design.

Do you have a favourite museum or art gallery? I love visiting The National Portrait Gallery as it is near where I go in London and there is always an interesting exhibition to see and it has a nice cafe.

When you go into a bookshop, which department do you head straight to? When I go to a bookshop I am usually looking for a biography or a map or guide book for the next place I will be going to!

What is something that most people might be surprised to know about you? At 87 years old I am still working and have launched my own online business.

What are you working on next? Next I am working on keeping fit and getting on with life – it is much too interesting to waste a moment!

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