Nichole RobertsonParis In ColorThis is my interview with Nichole Robertson.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I’ve always loved books and writing. As a child, I wrote letters, made up stories and modified song lyrics. I haven’t changed much!

What other jobs have you had? I waited tables throughout college and loved it. I’ve often joked that if things didn’t work out career-wise I could rekindle my server career. I met some of my best friends in the restaurant business.

What’s the hardest part of your job? I am a perfectionist, and it can be inhibiting to the creative process. I tend to overthink things, scrap ideas and start over (a lot), and obsess about details that wouldn’t matter to others. It can take me a long time to finish a project.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered when writing this book? When you single out a particular color or object to photograph, you notice things you would otherwise overlook. It’s a democratic process that’s refreshing, and I imagine similar to the way a child looks at the world. It’s easy to tune out and think about a grocery list or errands as you walk, but when you’re searching for blue, those objects stand out and create a visual story with unique characters.

What was one of the best things that happened because of this book? I get to do something I love. If you had told me ten years ago that the bulk of my future work would involve photographing and writing about Paris, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am very grateful to those who enjoy and support my work.

What do you love most about Paris? The light, the architecture, and most importantly … salted French butter!

Do you have a favourite part or spot in Paris? Our apartment is in The Passage Du Grand Cerf in the 2eme, and I’m very fond of the entire Montorgueil area. As soon as we arrive, I drop my bags and head to La Fermette – my favourite cheese shop – and Storher for a raspberry tart and bread.

What are your favourite tools? I am lost without my laptop and iPhone, and am never without either. When I am not writing, editing photos or running our studio, I’m catching up on news and current events. I also take online courses and read books via the kindle online reader.

Do you collect anything? I am a minimalist and dislike clutter, so I rarely shop or collect things. The one exception is books. I can’t part with books, especially my Norton Anthologies of English Literature.

What are you working on next? I am co-authoring a series of books entitled The Paris Journal with my husband Evan. Each volume of The Paris Journal covers one area of Paris and combines a narrative and photography for a virtual escape to Paris. Book One launched in April and Book Two releases on November 18.

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