Meg Lukens Noonan

IMG_0474This is my interview with Meg Lukens Noonan.

What other jobs have you had? I have been an editor at sports-related magazines, a lifeguard, a camp counselor, a tour bus driver and a gas station attendant.

Who do you find inspiring? I’m inspired by anyone who has worked hard at anything to achieve their dreams—athletes, artists, performers. I’m also get fired up by women who are ignoring the age clock and continue to put themselves out there creatively. I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert a few weeks ago. She was absolutely fantastic. She’s 60 years old—and she just owned the stage.

What was one of the most interesting facts you discovered when writing ‘The Coat Route’? That most of the world’s buttons are made in one town in China.

What was the best thing about writing this book? The travel was wonderful—I went to Peru, Paris, London, Florence, Vancouver – and Sydney, which I adored. The people I met were so kind and generous with their time—and they seemed really pleased to be asked about the work they do.

Which books do you recommend? I love non-fiction that takes you into worlds you didn’t think you had any real interest in. ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Susan Orlean is wonderful; anything by Bill Bryson, Mary Roach, John Krakauer.

Which movies do you recommend? The movies I love the most are ones in which the location is as much a “character” as the actors. i.e….’Lost in Translation’ (Tokyo), ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’ (Indonesia), ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ (Spain), ‘Summertime’ (Venice), ‘To Catch a Thief’(France), ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Manhattan’ (New York City).

What are your favourite gadgets? I love my iPhone and my mini-iPad…and I couldn’t live without a garlic press.

Do you collect anything? Yes—snow globes from places I visit, although the new security rules have made it harder to bring them home with only a carry-on! I have to stick with the smallest ones now.

What is something that most people might be surprised to know about you? I took race car driving lessons.

What are you working on next? I’m not sure…pondering at the moment. ‘The Coat Route’ took about four years from start to finish. I need a little more time before I throw myself into a big project again.

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